On budget filming gear for every kind of filmmaker

Nowadays there are a lot of possibilities for filmmakers who want to create professional images with reasonable budget gear, so I thought to write an article with some advice to put together a camera+lenses set up (so I will not talk about a tripod, nd filters, sliders etc.) without spending thousands Euros or Dollars.

Under € 1000 — The Minimalistic Filmmaker: a compact camera is enough.

In the last years, the compact cameras market has risen a lot and you can easily find some little gems that can help you to produce interesting video stuff.
I have a Panasonic LX100 that I use as a B-Camera in my works and though I was at first skeptical, I found out it does its work very well and in some situations, I think I could use as the main camera.
Compact cameras have a mounted on the lens (a zoom lens most of the time), so you won’t have to buy lenses set.

Leica D-Lux 6

€ 1000+ — Thinking out of the box: filming with Olympus.

Olympus cameras are not so popular on filmmaking scene, but the Olympus Om-D Em-5 mark II could make change the mind to more than one filmmaker out there.

Olympus OM-D EM-5

Under € 2000 — Pro on a budget with Panasonic

The GH series has been (and still is) very popular among filmmakers, from the surprising GH2 to the solid GH3 (used by Leonardo D’Alessandri for his masterpiece Watchtower of Turkey), from the GH4 to the most recent GH5

Panasonic GH4

Filmmaker, colorist, and motion graphic designer with a keen interest in short documentaries and brand films. My works at www.michelangelotorres.net

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