How sixty seconds videos on Instagram could be suitable for video production

According to creative agencies, communication gurus and ‘people who know’, videos will be the most effective way of communication in 2016 and that’s probably the reason why Instagram allowed to extend video duration to sixty seconds.
I think it’s a big revolution for all professionals involved in video production at different levels (newbies, independent filmmakers, well-known directors…) and there are multiple applications can suit a large range of needs.


Millennials audience is not easily reachable through classic broadcasters, so content creators should find (and already do) other platforms to share their contents so what better than youngsters most loved social media? Instagram could be the perfect platform to revamp classic tv ads and to push viral or social campaigns.


Tv shows like ‘Orange is the new black‘, ‘The Walking dead‘ or content producers like ‘Netfilx‘ have millions of followers, not to mention actors and actress who stars in various series: for example Taylor Schilling has 1,6 millions of followers, Laura Prepon 2,5, Aaron Paul 2,6, Emilia Clarke 3,8, Zooey Deschanel 3,9, Kiefer Sutherland 10,6 and Lucy Hale surprisingly (for me who I’m not a millennial) 14. Behind these numbers there is a huge audience for promos, sneak peaks or behind the scenes that networks should consider.


There are You Tube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook but we all know that platforms to share our contents are never enough, so the new Instagram sixty minutes limit could give us a big hand. Thinking about a trailer for your new short film or documentary, a teaser of your upcoming brand film or a simple test of your new camera or lens.
I recently developed a keen interest in One Minute Films after watching some episodes of the awesome project ‘One Minute Wonder‘ and this kind of filmmaking seems to be perfect for Instagram, in fact I uploaded my sixty seconds film on my profile.


As long as independent movies need promotion, it’s the same for major productions and you can easily think what huge potential has an appropriate campaign focused on trailers, teasers or contents created by actors and directors themselves or even share through their profiles.

So now more than ever filmmakers and video content producers have tools and a potential new audience to reach out with their works even if a good strategy is necessary to get significant results and to manage different social platforms.

Filmmaker, colorist, and motion graphic designer with a keen interest in short documentaries and brand films. My works at

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