Final Cut Pro: Future Expectations in Professional Video Editing

Michelangelo Torres
3 min readJun 26, 2023


Final Cut Pro UI

In the realm of professional video editing, Final Cut Pro stands as a benchmark software for filmmakers, video editors, and colorists like myself. In this article, I want to share my expectations and desires for future versions of Final Cut Pro, exploring the potential for integration with iCloud, the implementation of advanced color grading tools, the expansion of audio capabilities through Logic Pro, and the addition of video transcribing functionality. The goal is to enhance the video editing experience, making it more efficient, creative, and cutting-edge in the industry.

Integration with iCloud for Optimized Collaborative Work

One key aspect that truly excites me is the integration of Final Cut Pro with iCloud, enabling streamlined and optimized collaborative work. Imagine being able to import video files directly from the cloud without the need for immediate downloads, utilizing a linking system similar to macOS aliases. This would allow for a quick start to editing, with the option to download files only when necessary, optimizing local storage and facilitating collaboration with remote teams.

Implementation of Advanced Color Grading Tools

Another aspect that holds great potential for the future of Final Cut Pro is the implementation of advanced color grading tools, aligning with industry-leading software like DaVinci Resolve. The integration of features such as ACES (Academy Color Encoding System) would provide standardized workflow and precise color management, ensuring greater accuracy and consistency in image processing. This would enable industry professionals to have even greater creative control, with advanced options to adjust tones, saturation, and color curves.

Expansion of Audio Capabilities for Excellent Sound Quality

In addition to video editing capabilities, it is crucial to consider the needs of sound editors. I envision Final Cut Pro offering sound editors the same standards provided by software like Pro Tools or Cubase. Expanding audio capabilities through integration with Logic Pro, Apple’s renowned music production software, would allow sound editors to fully harness advanced features for mixing, editing, and mastering audio. This includes a seamless working interface between the two software, efficient management of shared projects, and the ability to utilize high-quality audio plug-ins directly within Final Cut Pro.

Video Transcribing: An Essential Feature for Documentaries and Beyond

Another tool that I believe is essential for Final Cut Pro is the capability of video transcribing. This feature would be incredibly useful for documentary professionals and those working in contexts that require accurate transcription of dialogue. With video transcribing, it would be possible to automatically convert audio to text, simplifying the creation of subtitles, translation work, and searching for specific parts of the video based on the text. This would enhance productivity and accessibility, allowing filmmakers to focus on storytelling and effective communication in their work.


Despite my initial reservations about the subscription model, I am willing to make an exception for integration with iCloud, recognizing the benefits it offers for more efficient collaborative work. I am convinced that the implementation of ACES, the expansion of audio capabilities through Logic Pro, and the addition of video transcribing functionality would represent significant steps in improving the video editing experience with Final Cut Pro. I sincerely hope that Apple takes these user requests and proposals into consideration, aiming to make Final Cut Pro even more comprehensive, versatile, and cutting-edge in the professional video editing industry. By respecting user needs, maintaining an accessible usage model, and offering innovative features, Final Cut Pro can continue to be the go-to software for industry professionals, enabling them to achieve high-quality results and exceed client expectations. The future of Final Cut Pro relies on Apple’s ability to listen and respond to user requests. I hope the company continues to invest in software development, implementing new features, and improving the overall experience. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, Final Cut Pro can remain the standard-bearer in professional video editing, empowering industry professionals.



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