Covid-19 has changed our lives and has influenced various aspects of our everyday life, including the way we work, no doubt about it.
I often work for clients from abroad, so I’m used to smart working or remote working for years, so I set my workflow to this way of work that is not so popular here in Italy.

I’ve recently completed both the editing and grading of ‘The Spirit of Camden’, a twenty-eight minutes length documentary whose duration and the amount of footage have been the most challenging aspects of the project.


‘The Spirit of Camden’ is the first episode of ‘How Does It Sound?’, a documentary series, produced by the London agency Seven/Eight Studio, talking about the cities through the music, grassroots venues, and musicians’ personal stories. More details on the project website. …

Il Covid-19 ha cambiato le nostre vite incidendo su vari aspetti del nostro quotidiano, tra cui quello lavorativo, su questo non ci sono dubbi.
Lavorando spesso con l’estero, lo smartworking o il remote working non sono una novità assoluta, per quanto mi riguarda e negli anni ho adeguato il mio flusso di lavoro a questa modalità che fino a pochi mesi in Italia fa veniva guardata con sospetto.

Di recente ho completato il montaggio ed il grading di ‘The Spirit of Camden’, un documentario delle durata di ventotto minuti e proprio la lunghezza del progetto e la ragguardevelo quantità di girato sono stati gli aspetti più sfidanti del progetto. …

Il mini documentario è essenzialmente l’equivalente del cortometraggio nella documentaristica.
In sostanza racconta nell’arco di pochi minuti una storia che normalmente non reggerebbe la durata classica del documentario (dai sessanta minuti in su per intenderci), ma che vale ugualmente la pena di raccontare.
Inoltre, se usata all’interno di una campagna marketing, essa trasmette in maniera efficace i valori di un brand. …

Nowadays there are a lot of possibilities for filmmakers who want to create professional images with reasonable budget gear, so I thought to write an article with some advice to put together a camera+lenses set up (so I will not talk about a tripod, nd filters, sliders etc.) without spending thousands Euros or Dollars.

Under € 1000 — The Minimalistic Filmmaker: a compact camera is enough.

In the last years, the compact cameras market has risen a lot and you can easily find some little gems that can help you to produce interesting video stuff.
I have a Panasonic LX100 that I use as a B-Camera in my works and though I was at first skeptical, I found out it does its work very well and in some situations, I think I could use as the main camera. …

Qualche mese fa stavo seguendo una diretta su Instagram del filmmaker inglese Philip Bloom durante la quale ci si scambiava pareri su vari aspetti della produzione video.
Ad un certo punto gli chiesi in che modo scegliesse le musiche per i suoi lavori e lui mi rispose che si trattava di un “Painful process”, aggiungendo che la scelta del giusto brano musicale gli portava via diverso tempo.

Il mini documentario di Philip Bloom ‘Ponte Tower’

Effettivamente la selezione musicale è uno degli aspetti più critici della post-produzione video, in quanto un ottimo montaggio rischia di essere penalizzato da una scelta musicale errata per ritmo, atmosfera e feeling.
Non è dunque un processo facile da gestire, tuttavia affinché non sia troppo “Painful”, mi affido a delle fonti e ad un metodo di lavoro che mi permettono di arrivare alla scelta giusta in tempi ragionevoli. …

Some months ago, I was following an Instagram live stream by the renowned English filmmaker Philip Bloom during which he was sharing some thoughts about video production.
On that occasion, I asked him the way he usually chooses the right music for his projects and he answered that it’s always a “Painful process” and it also said that it takes much time.

Philip Bloom’s short documentary ‘Ponte tower’

Music selection is surely one of the most crucial aspects of video post-production, because a perfect editing can be ruined by a wrong musical choice. …

I’m not into videomaking contests too much, but I made an exception for ‘My Rode Reel 2017’ because of the prestige of competition, the high quality of the jury and, why not? the prizes.

After I decided to take part in the contest I started to look for a story and I realized that it could be the chance to get out of my comfort zone and tell about something totally unknown to me and pole dance world is what I was looking for.

One of the reasons I have chosen to film a short form documentary about pole dance is that a work like that would hardly be commissioned to me by an adv agency or a company here in Italy (abroad I would have some more chances), so It could really be the only chance to film something totally different from my other works.
Another aspect that made me take the final decision is realizing that a lot of women and girls recovered their self-esteem by practicing pole dancing, so it’s evident that this discipline is a cure-all both for body and soul.

L’Italia e la produzione video per il web: una relazione complicata.

Il web non è il futuro della produzione video. E’ il presente.
La crisi della tv tradizionale non è certo una novità e se da un lato eventi ‘liturgici’ quali il Festival di Sanremo o i campionati Europei di calcio, per citare i più recenti, vengono ancora fruiti per lo più attraverso il televisore, è indubbio che una buona fetta di pubblico è in fuga dalla tv e non si tratta solo di giovanissimi che hanno eletto a propri idoli i tanti Youtuber che affollano la rete, ma anche adulti attratti dall’offerta on demand di Netflix e affini.

Contenuti video per il web italiano: limiti.

According to creative agencies, communication gurus and ‘people who know’, videos will be the most effective way of communication in 2016 and that’s probably the reason why Instagram allowed to extend video duration to sixty seconds.
I think it’s a big revolution for all professionals involved in video production at different levels (newbies, independent filmmakers, well-known directors…) and there are multiple applications can suit a large range of needs.


Millennials audience is not easily reachable through classic broadcasters, so content creators should find (and already do) other platforms to share their contents so what better than youngsters most loved social media? …

‘One day with a tattoo artist’: my first short documentary


Sometimes you have to stop and do something for yourself. To me it means creating something just for the pleasure of filming, editing and, of course, telling a story.
I always loved short documentaries, especially some works of Philip Bloom and I’m always looking for new mini docs to watch. Unfortunately this genre is not so huge in Italy (the place where I live right now) and I haven’t so many chances to work on a short documentary so I decided to produce one by myself and I started to look for an interesting story to tell.
Last christmas I heard about Simona Ercole, a tattoo artist based in Apulia (South Italy) and, after I collected some informations about her, I realized that she could be the right subject for my first mini doc. …


Michelangelo Torres

Filmmaker, colorist, and motion graphic designer with a keen interest in short documentaries and brand films. My works at

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